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@x that sucks :(

i guess it's understandable? a little bit? like, deaf.rocks isn't a very popular instance and it can be isolating being a deafie on any platform but Facebook.

i think Mastodon is great technology-wise for the Deaf community but Facebook kinda has a monopoly socially :/ it's hard to get people to switch from something they like even when it's literally Big Brother


Hey. Wanted to let you know that I finally decided to get some oil. I was in pain today because of being on my feet all day yesterday and went to my Chiropractor today. I took some and within 20 mins, I felt such a huge difference! I could actually walk normally for the 1st time in 5 years. Still a little sore but that's expected because my Dr was working on my injury. Glad I tried this.

Now I'm headed to bed. Good night everyone. Sleep tight.

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🌞 Good morning world! 🌞 I've had a rough night but today is a new day! Got my coffee. ☕ Hope everyone has a wonderful day. 😃

@x @DarkTaker
I just had someone else ask me about it so we will see.

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Did you know?

Mars is the only known planet completely inhabited by robots.


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This is very good! When anyone searching the word deaf they will find us! Https://deaf.rocks

Good morning or good afternoon everyone. depending on where you are. Hope everyone has a great weekend! 😃


Happy Birthday to one of my longest friends! I hope you have a wonderful day!

I hope everyone has a great day. On the bright side, tomorrow is Friday! Yay!


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